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Bended Glass Washing Machine For Windshield

Process Route Standard BG1800 HP Sprays:5 Group Air Knife: 5 Group Main technical specifications Glass size: Max 1800 x 2000 mm Min 1000 x 500 mm Thickness: 1.6-3.2mm Working height: 1000±50mm(off ground) Glass flow: Cross feed/ Wing down Depth of bend: Max 250mm, Min 50mm Cross curvature: 0-50mm Conveying  speed: 3-10m/min   adjustable Drying speed: 8m/min Main Functions  Remove dust, glove print, pressure mark, etc, dry thoroughly to get glass ready for laminating. Main Features ●Two parallel Fenner V belts are used for conveying. ●Sensors are installed at the inlet and outlet of the washing machine to detect the entry and output of the glass. When glass is not in and out within a certain period of time, pumps stop to save power. ●Washing room is designed as a sealed room to allow better control of water (avoid splashing out). ●The frame and all parts direct or indirect contact with water are made of stainless steel (material 304). ●Both sides of washing room are equipped with observation windows, so that cleaning effect can be observed conveniently. ●High-pressure washing is performed by high-pressure nozzles. High-pressure nozzles are connected to small water pipes. Small water pipes are evenly distributed on the main water pipes. The length of small water pipes is designed according to the shape of glass to ensure sufficient washing. ●Final spray section directly connected to customer’s De-ionized water supply for rinsing before enter drying section. ●Drying section is provided with serval groups of drying air knives depending on dry speed. ●The drying section is equipped with a stainless steel sealed room. It is design as a whole to get better control of air pressure. ●The angle adjustment of air knives on both sides is controlled by motor, which is convenient for angle adjustment. ●Fan chamber includes air distribution room, fan room and air temperature adjustment device. ●Fan equipped with an inverter. According to the inflow of glass, the fan can be turned on or work in lower speed to reduce energy consumption. ●The air inlet of fan room is equipped with a pre-filter and a bag filter. Cleanliness of bag filter can be controlled by a differential pressure controller.